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Organic Uji Gyokuro

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The 20-day shading process before harvest boosts chlorophyll & l-theanine content in the leaves. Also known as “Jade Dew Tea” -  a favourite among connoisseurs. Vegetal with notes of seaweed, an unique infusion full of umami.

 Net Weight  50g
 Region  Uji, Kyoto
 Cultivar  Yabukita, Komakage, Gokou
 Harvest Season  First Flush


Brewing Instructions

1. Boil 100ml of soft, filtered or bottled spring water to the desired temperature. 

Once the water is boiled, you can decrease the temperature by 10°C by pouring it into another cup. Repeat until the desired temperature is achieved. 

2. Add tea leaves to the pot: two levelled tsp (4g). 

3. Pour in the water and brew the tea for the recommended time. 

4. Once the tea has brewed, pour through a strainer into the cups.

1st brew at 60°C for 2-3min 
2nd brew at 70°C for 15s 
3rd brew at 80°C for 45s