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Wabi Sabi Organic Matcha

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Matcha for Mindfulness
The 20-day shading process before harvest boosts chlorophyll and nutrient content in the leaves.

Perfected by artisans with over 200 years of tea tradition, we source from the spring fields of Ujitawara, located at an altitude of 250m. Vibrant green, delicate texture, and with a masterfully well-defined flavour.


 Net Weight





 Yabukita, Komakage, 


 Uji, Kyoto

 Flavour Note  PURE
 Umami ★★★
 Sweetness ★★★★
 Bitterness ★★
 Use  Straight & Iced


Matcha is an antioxidant powerhouse that is rich in l-theanine, improves memory and concentration, boosts the immune system & provides free flowing energy & sustained focus. Matcha is vegan and supports diet & digestions, gluten free & GMO free. 


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