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Vintage Zeze Yaki

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Zeze-yaki Pottery is a pottery that is produced in Zeze, Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture.
It is known as a famous tea bowl, one of Enshu Shichiyo (best seven kilns selected by Enshu KOBORI, a famous master of ceremonial tea in Edo period.)

Tea ceremony is associated with Sen no Rikyu. ”Sado”, the ritualized tea ceremony which was refined by Sen no Rikyu, split into two paths during the Edo period. One is the ”wabi” tea, spread by Senke’s Soutan the 3rd. He further expanded the world of tea started by his father Rikyu.

The other was the ”kirei sabi” carried on by one of his disciples, Shigenari Furuta. ”Kirei Sabi” as the word in Japanese implies, means adding beauty and richness to the world of ”wabi sabi,” tea ceremony aspiring for the beauty of harmony. The feudal lord Kobori Enshu developed it further, carried on to the present.

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