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100 Prongs Bamboo Whisk


 Material  100% Bamboo
 Height  10.6 cm


How to Whisk Matcha

  1. Soak the bamboo matcha whisk (Chasen) in warm water to open up the prongs.
  2. Using a tea strainer and a spoon, sift 2g of matcha powder into your tea bowl.
  3. Pour 70ml of hot water.
  4. Move the chasen in a back and forth motion (drawing a “W” shape) using your wrist for 20s. After an even layer of foam has formed, whisk the surface of the tea until it has a rich creamy texture. Draw a round circle from the centre of the bowl and lift the chasen.
  5. Enjoy your daily tea ritual by SAYURI matcha!
  6. Rinse the chasen in water, and dry on the whisk holder (Naoshi) to sustain the shape.