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Our Story

Our story is one of tradition and modernity, sophistication and simplicity, the beauty of daily moments and lifelong rewards. Setting out to honour the traditions of Japanese culture, we want to introduce these values to a modern, global audience. Celebrating the artisans who make SAYURI possible, we work exclusively alongside the very best tea farmers and organic suppliers. We never compromise on quality - with ten years of meticulous research and development before we launched – which is why SAYURI is endorsed by the world’s leading chefs and hotels. For us, it’s simple: we believe everyone would benefit from adopting a daily tea habit. It is a precious moment you can enjoy every day.

Our Founder

SAYURI was founded by established entrepreneur Yuri ‘Yureeka’ Yasuda. Born in Tokyo and raised in New York, she brings to the brand a global outlook, alongside her personal appreciation for Japanese heritage. An expert in the luxury food and beverage industries, Yureeka has made a name in the business world with her forward-thinking vision. With her finger firmly on the zeitgeist, Yureeka is also a renowned cultural curator, art collector and published writer. She brings this same discerning curator’s eye and knowledge to SAYURI; like great art, she believes great tea should be available to be enjoyed by all.

Our Name

noun. traditional Japanese woman’s name evocative of elegant beauty

“sa” “茶” — tea

“yu” “遊” — to play

“ri” “里” — origins

Our name reflects our spirit of elegant playfulness that is deeply respectful of Japanese tradition and culture.