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What Makes Us Different?

Ten Years of Research & Development

Founded by a certified tea sommelier/art advisor, we pride in Japanese quality and craftsmanship. SAYURI is not just about the trend and different from the countless hipster matcha brands. We source our green teas from selected tea fields around Japan. Ten years of meticulous research & development has been dedicated to offer a range of flavours.


Tasteful Organic Tea

We are confident in offering the very best quality for all of our products. Many organic matcha & green teas are often very bitter. We have found tasteful, yet organic teas that can easily compete in the market, even in tea ceremonies.


Hidden Gems

Many of the top quality teas never leave Japan. As a result, there are many hidden gems of green teas to explore. We aim to work as the bridge between the Japanese local tea suppliers and the world, and by doing so, we hope to support the local green tea industry that has been in a decline domestically for a decade now.


Environmentally Conscious

We are always environmentally conscious, sourcing efficiently by reducing waste & recycling and trying to minimize our carbon footprint. We keep seeking for more environmentally friendly packaging options while also maintaining the best way to preserve our teas. The teas we supply to our hotels are 100% plastic free, even the sachets are biodegradable.


Mission Driven
"The Art of Everyday" - we want to incorporate the ritual of drinking green tea as a way of living, where everyday can be lived in a fulfilling way. At the same time, we bring the world of art and tea together by creating various events and products incorporating the two elements.