Copy of Matcha Whisk Guide

A chase or bamboo whisk is as of importance as high quality matcha. It’s an essential tool in matcha preparation that cannot be replaced by anything else in order to achieve the perfect result: a creamy, smooth and even layer of foam.

Choosing your chasen

We offer two types of bamboo whisk depending on your needs.

We recommend the Sayuri whisk if you are getting started with your matcha journey and are honing your whisking skills. It is a great tool to get a feel of achasen, get familiar with the basics, and discover your preferences. When you are ready for the next step, the Takayama Chasen is going to elevate the whole experience. It will also allow you to discover and prepare a more traditional way of consuming matcha koicha.

How to whisk matcha (properly)

1. Soak the chasen in warm water to open up the prongs. This is essential in keeping your whisk in tip top shape avoid using it dry!
2. Using a tea strainer and a spoon, sift 2g of matcha powder into your tea bowl.
3. Pour. 70ml of hot water.
4. Move the chasen in a speedy back and forth motion (drawing a "W" shape) using your wrist for 20s. Be careful not to scrape the bottom and walls of the chawan (tea bowl) as this can damage your whisk.
5. After an even layer of foam has formed, whisk the surface of the tea until it has a rich creamy texture. Slowly draw a round circle from the centre of the bowl and lift the chasen.
6. Enjoy your daily tea ritual with SAYURI matcha!


Chasen care

Japanese bamboo whisks are durable and made to last. Accompanied with proper care, your chosen is going to stand the test of time (and daily whisking!).

Here are our top tips to care for your chasen:

1. Place the whisk under a gentle stream of warm water to get rid of the matcha residue.

2. Pour warm clean water into a matcha bowl (chawan) and whisk in the water for 60 sec until clean.

3. After cleaning your whisk, it should be dried thoroughly before storing it away. Using a whisk holder (kusenaoshi) will help retain its shape. If a whisk holder is not available, store the whisk with the strings facing up.

Note: Never use soap or dishwasher as this will damage the bamboo whisk. The curled tips of your SAYURI whisk will uncurl when in contact with warm water and will straighten a bit over time. This is nothing to worry about it's a natural part of chasen aging called 'blooming'.

Chasen vs alternatives

Whilst we embrace modernity (especially for café operations!), we truly believe a traditional bamboo whisk is unmatched and no modern alternative can replicate its results.

It takes proper preparation and whisking skills to release the full flavour profile and potential of matcha. It can only be achieved by the proper tool!