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Cold Brew Tea Bottle

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Olive Green
Lime Green

Enjoy our SAYURI green teas by making some cold brewed green tea - a great way to enjoy the tea's true flavour, easily prepared by using the SAYURI Cold Brew Tea Bottle. 

Brewing Instructions

How to Make Cold Brew Green Tea

Making cold brew tea requires more time, but the result is sweeter and smoother.

1. Place the leaves in a jug or water bottle
Use 10g of tea leaves 
2. Pour in the water
Add one-litre of soft, filtered or bottled spring water.
3. Steep the tea
Keep in the fridge for at least two hours to extract the full flavour.
4. Enjoy a glass of cold-brewed green tea!



  W87×D84×H300 φ71mm




  Glass Bottle: Heatproof glass
  Removable Bottle Spout / 
  Stopper: Silicone rubber
  Filter: Polypropylene