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Organic Floral Mix

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An unexpected, playful blend, this refreshing and relaxing herbal-blend organic green tea is delicious served hot or cold. The herbs offer health benefits.

 Net Weight  40g
 Region  Shizuoka
 Cultivar  Yabukita
 Harvest Season  Autumn & Winter Flush

Brewing Instructions

1. Boil 200ml of soft, filtered or bottled spring water to the desired temperature. 

Once the water is boiled, you can decrease the temperature by 10°C by pouring it into another cup. Repeat until the desired temperature is achieved. 

2. Add tea leaves to the pot: two heaped tsp (4g).

3. Pour in the water and brew the tea for the recommended time. 

4. Once the tea has brewed, pour through a strainer into the cups.

1st brew at 70°C for 45-60s 
2nd brew at 80°C for 15s 
3rd brew at 90°C for 45s