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Organic Superior Sencha Sachet

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Introducing our new tea sachet collection - made from biodegradable soilon sachet. The convenience without the compromise to quality!

Soilon® is a trademark registered by Yamanaka Industry, Japan, for a mesh made from poly lactic acid (PLA). PLA is derived from starches by an enzyme and polymerization. The material was chosen for our teabags as it can be readily broken down by microorganisms in the soil, and doesn’t release any micro-plastics into your mug. 

Our Organic Superior Sencha is hand picked, deep steamed, and refined with a unique charcoal finishing for extra aroma. By using only the spring harvest tea leaves, it is bold and full of umami. 

 Net Weight  30g (2g x 15 sachets)
 Region  Honnyama, Shizuoka
 Cultivar  Yabukita
 Harvest Season  First Flush


Brewing Instructions

1. Using one sachet per 200ml, heat the water to boil (filtered or bottled spring water) and cool down to 80 degrees.

2. Infuse tea for 1-2 minutes. Brew a little longer if you prefer a stronger taste.

3. Take a moment. Breathe. And enjoy your Sayuri tea.